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3-Dee Scramble

Digital "Board" game to help relieve the daily stresses (or help to create a different kind of stress....)  2 to 6 Players.


Digital version of our unique "3-Dee Scramble" board game.  Play it during lunch breaks or with friends and family at home.  No game pieces or loose money required with the digital version.  Every game is different and every game creates a "lot" of competition between the players.  The player who is ahead near the end of the game could end up losing the game if his/her strategy doesn't work out.

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Lots of Possibilities

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Bidding wars
Steal spaces
Lucky draws
Unlucky draws
Roll "Triples"
Win Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medals
Collect "rent" from opponents
Pay opponents, or the bank
Throw opponents off your board
Buy spaces on opponent's boards (or get them for free!)
"Big" Specials


Competition builds from start to finish

Who has the best strategy?  And the best luck?  Who is the best negotiator?  Who will have the most cash at the end of the game?  Who is having the most fun?

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Money is accounted for automatically, and updated each round by the Banker

Game requires Macros to be "Enabled" in MS Excel for all functions to work properly.

bank1pic.jpg (120822 bytes)



Original 3-Dee Scramble Prototype

Beginnings of the board game commercial package.  Digital version evolved from this original, after a lot of testing and playing.  Thanks to grandsons, Jacob and Cade, for their spirited, and sometimes ruthless play and suggestions.

prototypepic1.jpg (163693 bytes)    2016-01-12 14.49.05 (640x480).jpg (185500 bytes)


Everything is included in the 3-Dee Scramble Package.  Order now to assure that you will receive the low "Limited Time Special Prices".   Go to the Prices/Orders page for details.



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