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Principal and Owner of the firm is a Registered Professional Engineer with over Thirty-six years extensive experience in HVAC and Plumbing Mechanical Design and Consulting.

Design and Engineering Experience includes projects such as: Municipal and Civic Buildings and Complexes, Federal Facilities, Military Facilities, Central Cooling and Heating Plants, Universities, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals, Schools K-12, Libraries, Correctional Facilities, Manufacturing, Research, Laboratory, Corporate Headquarters, High Rise Buildings, Office Buildings, Hotels, Gymnasiums, Parking Structures, Food Service Facilities, Enclosed Swimming Pools, Postal Facilities, Housing, and Entertainment Facilities.

Peer Review Experience includes: Independent or In-house Peer Reviews (or Quality Control Checking) on a wide variety of projects such as Municipal Buildings, Military Facilities, Central Plants, Universities, Public Libraries, Healthcare Facilities, and Laboratory Buildings.

Studies and Planning for Major Facilities and Campuses have included: Major University Utilities Studies and Master Planning, Municipal Facilities Utilities Master Planning, Military Buildings Mechanical System Studies and Recommendations, School District Studies and Recommendations, Hospital Facilities Planning Studies, and Mechanical Systems Analysis on over 200 Buildings throughout the U.S.

Have received several Awards for Energy Efficiency Design and Innovative Engineering Designs.

Have designed and written numerous Calculation Programs and Quality Control Review Programs for mechanical and plumbing engineering over the past twenty years.  Have incorporated these Programs into Standardized Consulting Engineering Office Practices and Procedures.

Authored an article published in the ASHRAE Journal, November 2006, entitled: "Standard 62.1 - Calculation Tools for the Ventilation Rate Procedure"

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