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Comprehensive package of HVAC Design and Engineering Programs that incorporate Industry-standard recommendations and guidelines, as well as Code requirements.  Complex formulas, fitting coefficients, psychrometrics, energy awareness, and owning costs are built-in to assure efficient use of your time and to increase your Value to your  Clients.

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HVAC Wetside Design Package includes over (20) Programs and Forms that include hydronic pump head calculations (primary, secondary, and condenser water pumps), chilled water and heating water pipe sizing, and several additional HVAC design tools.  To view the Contents Page of the HVAC Wetside Design Package, click the adjacent image for a full size view. 

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The first page of the HVAC Wetside Design Package is the "Basic Project Information" form.  This should be the first Form to be completed for every project.  Project information that is inserted in this Form is automatically transferred to other Programs for use in calculations and for documenting project data.  Input Data for the Form should be based on recommendations from nationally recognized associations such as ASHRAE® and from locally adopted Codes.  (Click Image to enlarge)


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"Extras" included with the Airside Design Package include "Building Information Request" Forms and Letters that assist with Load Calculations and with Duct and Equipment layout.  (Note: Actual Cooling and Heating Load Calculations are not included in these Programs)  (Click to enlarge)


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Two sizing alternatives are provided for Hydronic Pipe System Sizing  - Individual Pipes (Optimum Economical Sizes) and Complete Hydronic Pipe Systems (Optimum Economical Sizes).  Each method includes calculations and pipe sizing for "Normal Sizes", for "Lower First Cost", and for "Lower Operating Cost".  Caution Flags are included to alert when Velocity or Pressure Drop is outside of recommended values.  (Click any image to enlarge)


Image27.gif (8534 bytes)Image26.gif (10168 bytes)Image25.gif (5663 bytes)Pump Head CalculationsImage24.gif (18299 bytes)

Six extensive Programs are included for Pump Head  Calculations - Preliminary Pump Head Calculations (for early stages of design), Primary Pump Calculations (Chilled Water and Heating Water), Secondary Pump Calculations (Chilled Water and Heating Water), and Condenser Water Pump Calculations (Cooling Tower).  All Programs include an extensive database of Pipe Fitting Pressure Drop values and "Generic" Equipment Pressure Drop data.  Multiple alternatives are provided for pipe sizes, design flow rates (GPM), as well as for the type and arrangement of fittings and accessories.  (Click any image to enlarge)


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Several additional Programs are included for Miscellaneous Design Tasks including Hydronic Coil GPM Calcs and Chilled Water and Heating Water Expansion Tank Sizing.  Also included is a "Freeware" Conversion Program that can be used for many typical conversions, such as English to SI Units.  (Click any image to enlarge)



ALL of the above Programs, Forms, and Extras are included in the HVAC Wetside Design Package.  Order now to assure that you will receive the low "Limited Time Special Prices".  Go to the Prices/Orders page for details.



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