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Comprehensive package of Plumbing Design and Engineering Programs that incorporate Industry-standard recommendations and guidelines, as well as Code requirements.  Complex formulas, fixture unit values, fitting losses, energy awareness, and owning costs are built-in to assure efficient use of your time and to increase your Value to your  Clients.

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Plumbing Design Package includes over (18) Programs and Forms that include: "accurate" water pipe system sizing, waste and vent system sizing, roof drain system sizing, natural gas system sizing, water heater sizing, and several additional Plumbing Design tools.  To view the Contents Page of the Plumbing Design Package, click the adjacent image for a full size view. 

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The first page of the Plumbing Design Package is the "Basic Project Information" form.  This should be the first Form to be completed for every project.  Project information that is inserted in this Form is automatically transferred to other Programs for use in calculations and for documenting project data.  Input Data for the Form should be based on recommendations from nationally recognized associations such as ASHRAE® and ASPE®, and from locally adopted Codes.  (Click Image to enlarge)


Image33.gif (34763 bytes)Primary Plumbing CalculationsImage32.gif (26142 bytes)

Basic calculations of building plumbing requirements, including Fixture Unit Calculations - Cold Water, Hot Water, and Waste FU, and Water Pipe Sizing Calculations - to determine the Allowable Pipe Pressure Drop based on service pressure, service equipment losses, and required pressure at the most remote fixture.  (Note: Fixture Unit Values can be changed to meet local code requirements.)  (Click any Image to enlarge)


Image36.gif (21539 bytes)Water Pipe Sizing CalculationsImage35.gif (25586 bytes)

Two steps are required for accurate sizing of domestic water pipes.  First, an accurate total equivalent length must be established, using fitting equivalent lengths, to calculate an "Allowable Pressure Drop".  Second, this "Allowable PD" is applied to the Fixture Unit Loading to determine pipe sizes.  This Software Program combines maximum velocity values and multiple iterations to calculate accurate equivalent lengths and resulting accurate pipe sizes.     (Click any image to enlarge)


Image38.gif (23484 bytes)Waste & Vent System Sizing CalcsImage37.gif (17790 bytes)

Model Building Codes have established maximum lengths and minimum slopes for sizing Waste & Vent Piping.  The Waste Pipe  Program includes capacity of horizontal Waste pipes at various slopes and also vertical waste piping.  The Vent Pipe Program includes maximum Total Length as well as maximum Horizontal Length for Vent Pipe Sizing.  (Click any image to enlarge)


Image40.gif (27893 bytes)Roof Drainage Piping CalcsImage39.gif (22089 bytes)

Sizing of Roof Drainage systems is dependent on Rainfall Rate, Collection Areas of the Drains, and slope of the pipes.  These Programs include all Rainfall Rates and maximum contributing Areas (Roof Areas and Adjacent Wall Areas - if applicable) for the Roof Drains, for Vertical Leaders, and for associated Horizontal Roof Drainage Piping at various slopes.  (Click any image to enlarge)


Image44.gif (8068 bytes)Natural Gas System Sizing CalcsImage43.gif (32518 bytes)

Natural Gas Pipe Sizing is typically based on the NFPA formulas for gas pressures under 1-1/2 PSI and on the Weymouth formula for higher pressures.  These Programs include initial gas pressure, allowable pressure drop, gas specific gravity, and fitting losses to calculate pipe sizes for the "Longest Run" piping as well as for shorter "Branches" from the Mains.  Pipe sizing is included for systems below 1-1/2 PSI and for systems above 1-1/2 PSI.   (Click any image to enlarge)


Image42.gif (16278 bytes)Water Heater Sizing CalculationsImage41.gif (52604 bytes)

Accurate sizing of the Domestic Water Heater is essential to assure an adequate supply of hot water for all fixtures at all times.  The Water Heater Sizing Calculations Program uses nationally recognized and/or Code approved Demand Flow Rate (GPH) values and Demand Factors.  The Program also includes adjusted Demand Flow Rates, based on the "Type of Building or Facility".  Calculation results include "Probable Maximum Demand (GPH)", "Required Water Heater Output (BTUH)", and "Required Storage Tank Capacity (Gallons)".   (Click any image to enlarge) 


Image57.gif (19988 bytes)Image34.gif (48401 bytes)Miscellaneous DesignImage47.gif (19970 bytes)

Several additional Programs are included for Miscellaneous Design Tasks including Fixture Unit to GPM Conversion, Medical Gas Piping Calcs and Air Compressor Calcs and Sizing.  Also included is a "Freeware" Conversion Program that can be used for many typical conversions, such as English to SI Units.  (Click any image to enlarge)



ALL of the above Programs, Forms, and Extras are included in the Plumbing Design Package.  Order now to assure that you will receive the low "Limited Time Special Prices".  Go to the Prices/Orders page for details.



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