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Special Promotion - Refer a Friend and receive $25.00

Special Promotion

If you have purchased a Software Package from HVAC Design Solutions and you "Refer a Friend or Associate" who also purchases from us, we will send You a Bonus Check in the amount of $25.00 (US).

Just have your Friend or Associate notify us that you Referred him or her to us when he or she orders and we will mail your Bonus Check to the Shipping Address you gave with Your Order, to your attention.

Note:  This offer does not apply to other people within your Office or your Organization.  See the Multiple Package Discounts on the Prices/Orders page for significant savings on Multiple Orders.

Please have your Friend or Associate print the "Refer a Friend Form" <click hyperlink>, fill it out, and Fax or Mail it to us.  We will verify that you qualify for the Bonus Check, and forward the $25.00 to you promptly.

Thank You for taking the time to Refer us to your Associates or Colleagues.  We are confident that they will also see the Value of the Software Packages we have to offer.



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